Music creators of the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia including producers, musicians, songwriters, and music artists are featured here at Baltic Creators. The beautiful music of the Baltic, live performances, and content from creators can be scene here. Expanding the interest in traditional music from the Baltic countries and exploring new music from Baltic artists of today. Exploring new Baltic music artists ready to offer beautiful music from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, Baltic Creators understands what it takes to position music in the Baltic countries.

Music of Lithuania

Baltic Creators features music of Lithuania and the music performers of Lithuania and the capital city of Vilnius and various cities and festivals throughout Lithuania. The Music of Lithuania presented by Baltic Creators offers the best in Lithuanian music and the music artists and composers creating music for and from Lithuania. Lithuania has a history of music that dates back to pre-Christian Lithuania.

Here are some of our favorite Lithuanian Music Artists.

Lithuanian Music Artists

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
Osvaldas Balakauskas
Jurgis Karnavičius
Asmik Grigorian

Music of Latvia

Latvia is a country full of an eclectic sound that reflects the diversity of the country.

Music of Estonia

Asmik Grigorian Wins International Opera Award

May 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

In London, The International Opera Awards announced its annual awards and Asmik Grigorian won the International Opera Award. Grigorian previously won the young singer award in 2016 and this is her second Opera award. The [...]

Estonian Song and Dance Festival 2019

May 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

In Tallin, the people of Estonia will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the wonderful song celebration, the Estonian Song and Dance Festival and 2019 promises a beautiful, historic moment of Estonian culture and history. [...]