Baltic Creators’ guide to local Vilnius, Lithuania. With the best information and resources for visitors to the capital city and for new-comers who are moving to Vilnius.

About Vilnius, Lithuania

A local’s guide to Vilnius, my beautiful home town and the city that I was raised in. First, let me start by saying Vilnius is a place that enjoys culture and has pride in our Lithuanian heritage. The Vilnius Creators and the local community that strengthens the presence of joy in this beautiful city can be scene through the art, culture and world of innovation taking place in the neighborhoods of Vilnius.

History of Local Vilnius and Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital and the largest city in Lithuania. The history of this beautiful city is rich with tradition and culture. From the Lithuanian folklore that has shaped it’s ancient past to the most recent turbulent history.

Lithuanian Culture in Vilnius

Lithuanians have a strong connection to nature and community favors a shared culture. With traditions that include folk music tied within holidays, Lithuania has continued it’s tradition through the years.

AR and VR At Cannes Lions 2019

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Preparing For Art Basel 2019

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Vilnius Interior Design

Vilnius is a city that takes design seriously.

Vilnius Fine Art

The world of fine art in Vilnius.

Vilnius Local Restaurant Guide

The delicious Lithuanian cuisine of Vilnius.

Neighborhoods if Vilnius

The Old Town