In 2020, the Baltic Creators New and Media website focuses on the best in Latvian art and Science innovation from Estonia. Meanwhile, the startups of Lithuania are heating up. Find out how companies across the globe are becoming more aware of the opportunities brewing here in the Baltic region of the world. Also, be sure to take the time to explore the world of Baltic Science and explore the best music of the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania here at Baltic Creators.

With many wonderful style of music available in the Baltics and music creators of the Baltic countries coming together to bring a diverse choice of selection and variety of local inspiration from the Baltic countries. With music combining beautiful elements of incredible voices and songs,  Lithuania, and Latvia, as well as amazing songs from Estonia including producers, musicians, songwriters, and music artists are featured here at Baltic Creators. The beautiful music of the Baltic, live performances, and content from creators can be scene here. Expanding the interest in traditional music from the Baltic countries and exploring new music from Baltic artists of today. Exploring new Baltic music artists ready to offer beautiful music from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, Baltic Creators understands what it takes to position music in the Baltic countries.