For the creative animation in Latvia and as we look at the upcoming animation studio and plans for animation in Latvia including the animation studio that unleashes the best in animation here in Latvia with creative individuals in animations for your upcoming project. This includes Animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion. Also when you look at the creative thinking, art, design, animation, and storytelling, concept development, and direction.

  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop-Motion

The world of animation in the country of Latvia and the Baltic Creators team of animators from Latvia expanding talent and opportunities in 2021. Dating back to the 1930’s, the Latvian animation teams have told stories of history and culture. As masters in animation, the stories told at the Baltic Creators studio reflect the passion of Latvia’s heritage. You can check out some of the animations on display at the Tallinn Art Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia. As an animation production company in Riga, Latvia, the Baltic Creators animation studio includes storytellers trusted to expand awareness and the ability to inspire. For films, commercials, feature films, and original work.