The fine art of Estonia including modern art from the late 19th century and a combination of traditional art with artwork from contemporary artists. The birth of Modernism and the Industrial Revolution greatly effected the artists of Estonia. Estonian art began in the Stone Age, and has had a variety of different changes throughout the time. Let’s take the world of seafaring sculptor Amandus Adamson and Adamson-Eric, Olev Subi, Kaljo P├Állu and many other great artists.

Throughout history in Estonia, many great artists have utilized their talents to express the nature surrounding Estonia. If you are looking for the best information on art in Estonia including information on the savy art community in Tallin, look no further then Baltic Creators.

Estonian Contemporary Fine Art

Contemporary art and culture in Estonia including the best fine art galleries available in Tallinn. You can explore Estonian culture further through the fine art on display in Estonia. Also, at the Riga Art Gallery you will find some fantastic work on display from Estonian artists.