Fine art and the Baltic Creators of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, available here with an extensive view on the art and the world of Baltic Creators. The Baltic States have artistic centres and are thriving with a strong scene in art and crafts. The local countries of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia the hubs are thriving indeed.

The Art Scene in Lithuania

The art scene in Lithuania is thriving and the Lithuania fine art is extensive. Beautiful art can be found all around the capital city of Vilnius and throughout the country of Lithuania.

Lithuanian Art Museum
Contemporary Art Centre
Panevėžys Art Gallery

The Art Scene in Latvia

Fine art in Latvia thrives with the help of the local art scene in Riga and other parts of the country. The contemporary art scene of Latvia is beautiful and vast with incredibly talented artists. The Latvian Collection of artwork available at Baltic Creators is designed to showcase artists in the Baltic States and in Latvia.

History of Fine Art in the Baltic States

Baltic Creators history of the Fine Art in the Baltic States, is an extensive look at the fine art and the artists and creators of the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.