Explore the best of the Baltic countries including our exclusive coverage of musical events, art and culture events from the Baltic region of the world including the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and the promotion of culturial cooperation within the Baltic countries and producing opportunities to strengthen the fine art of the Baltic countries. Explore more of the Baltic region of the world here at Baltic Creators. With culture being the main focus of Baltic Creators and art. Here at Baltic Creators we look to advance our education of this beautiful region of the world.

Baltic Music Creators 2019

With a focus on dance, rhythm, and music, Baltic Creators promotes the music of the Baltic nations. Find musical and art events right here at Baltic Creators for 2019 and 2020, purchase tickets and explore the most beautiful countries of the world.

Science, innovation, and the Baltic Creators dedicated to advancing the entrepreneurial spirit of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Equally important to Baltic Creators is the advancement of art and culture in the Baltic region with an emphasis is on music, film, design, and fine art.

Baltic Music Creators

Music creators of the Baltic region including songwriters, music artists, producers, and engineers featured at Baltic Creators. Join us for our featured articles, videos, and live performances by Baltic Music Creators in 2019 and 2020.

Baltic Film Creators

Filmmakers and Film Creators of the Baltic region including directors, producers, talent, and crew are featured here at Baltic Creators. Join us for our featured articles, videos, and reviews by Baltic Film Creators in 2019 and 2020.

Baltic Fine Art Creators

Fine art creators and the artists of the Baltic region including Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania featured here at Baltic Creators including coverage and updates on gallery viewings and fine art shows taking place in the Baltic region.

The science and history of the Baltic Creators of today as well as the past and the future. Art, innovation, and the startups that will bring the Baltic countries into the future of tomorrow. This is our focus. This is what we are planning here at Baltic Creators. Advancing technology here at Baltic Creators with advancements in the best in technology and science including the startups designing the best in innovation.

Innovation With Baltic Creators

The Baltic region and the scientists and innovative creators taking technology to the next level. With Baltic Creators, we look to advance the best technologies and the history, culture, art, and science available in the Baltic region. We focus in on attracting foreign investments into investing into the Baltic region including investments from the United States of America to China.