Elevate and explore all the senses with Baltic design elements including our knowledge and insights into interior design, design brands, and modern design including graphic design, interior design and the certain elements of design genuinely created to inspire and relax. Home decor trends of the Baltic states and the best interior design elements from Scandinavian minimalism to clean, streamlined looks of hidden cabinets such as Euro-style cabinets. The design elements of Baltic Creators including both interior and exterior design elements offering inspiration, suggestions, and ideas for those looking to advance their design. When it comes to interior design elements.

With black trending as a design color, especially in the bathrooms and the trending interior design styles with bouclé and soft, comfortable fabrics also being rather popular in 2020.

Curved sofas, mid-century modern furniture are also trending in 2019 and will be sure to expand with we saw beautiful white on white kitchens with modern trending designs also accent walls, murals, and wall paper was trending in 2010’s.

In the kitchen we are sure to see amazing design with Quartz.

Graphic Design in 2020

With the experiential designs of Baltic Creators for homes, offices, workspaces and hotels, natural textiles are also something that is trending a lot and we look forward to this. The traditional textile elements are trending as well.