As the economy of the Baltic region continues growth in 2020, property and job growth will be the focus and Baltic Iinnovation with the tech startups and entrepreneurs leading the way in advancing innovative thinking and delivery for the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The innovation and technology leaders include leaders in FinTech, Blockchain, Energy, Food, Health, and a variety of other sectors. How to develop and inspire innovation in the Baltic States and how to develop the combination of Fintech technology and the redevelopment of the countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Supporting export-income companies in and trade in the Baltic States. The focus of strengthening Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania’s regional and global competitiveness and creating engagement in advanced technologies. Developing further Baltic economy and producing further developments in capital markets and the circular and green economy.

Fintech and Baltic Economy

Although the Bank of Lithuania did warn about restraints in the economy forecast for 2020, looking at the export expansion for Lithuania, it does not look so positive.
How to increase Export Expansion?

Lithuania Real Estate Review

The price of real estate in Lithuania continues to increase. It’s important to make sure your money is in a Lithuanian and if you are looking to purchase property in Lithuania. The investments of Lithuania Real Estate for reviews.

Explore the Baltic Creators inspiring the world with art, innovation, and science from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Economy and Innovation

The Fintech industry is booming in the Baltic Countries. Did you know that Estonia has one of highest rates of start-ups per capita in Europe. And Lithuania is a place where doing business is easy. It is an extremely attractive place for industrial investments. As the Baltic economy continues it’s growth, and salaries continue to grow, the purchasing power grows creating an increase in prices. This is simple economics. Economy and innovation are at the heart of the focus here. Estonian startups received a record number of investments in 2018, the balance of economy in the Baltic region is looking good. Government investments have decreased yet GDP continues to grow.

Real Estate in the Baltic

Technology and Science From The Baltic States

Technology and science, from the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and the Baltic Creators dedicated to innovation from Eastern Europe, including tech startups and corporate businesses. Explore the best of innovation from the Baltic region and the tech startups paving the way towards new technology. Imagine a world of possibilities and allow those possibilities to unfold.

Fintech Technology in the Baltic Region

How big can you dream, and where will these dreams take you. The Fintech sector in the Baltic States, specifically the Fintech Lithuania sector is continued great growth. Wind farming and energy is another great possibility with technology advancements for Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.