The influence that the ancient gods had on the Baltic lands of Lithuania and Latvia cannot be forgotten and the Baltic Legends of old tell the tales of forest gods and immortal sea nymphs with magical powers. The people of Lithuania and Latvia have past down these legends for thousands of years from fire to fire. Within the Lithuanian and Latvian language you can hear the gods’ names whispered. The inspiration that the gods have given to the people can be seen in the art and songs from the land.

As we study the differences in the legends and mythology of Latvia vs. Lithuania, we will come across more similarities than differences.


From the winds north of Finland the magic sails down into Estonia and the legends sail on the wind. Tales of mythology from Latvia and Lithuania are rooted in stories of water and earth, trees, forests holding magic and seas full of magical kingdoms. The stories in the music of the land and the rich history of Baltic legends available in the artwork of the great artists.

Estonian legends and the folklore of Finland influenced the Estonians.

Ancient mythology from Lithuania and the Baltic legends from neighboring Latvia and Estonia, and the seasons of the year in harmony with the beliefs of the ancient people. Throughout the culture of the land, the legends and myths remain.

Ancient Baltic Mythology

Finish mythology and the belief in the pochard egg, the world egg and the serpent that is wrapped around the world egg is a common belief that we will focus on quite often here with our tales. The sanskrit scriptures of the world egg and the influence it has had on the people of so far along.

Many great gods and goddess create the baltic legends of today.

Legends of Estonia