The history of Baltic Movies and the filmmakers who have produced story from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The movies of the Baltics include movies such as Mother, I Love You (2013), Zirneklis (1992), In The Fog (2009) from Latvia, and from Lithuania, as well as from Estonia. When we look at the rich, turbulent history of the Baltic States, we are offered a depth of cinema not found anywhere else in the world. The poetry of Lithuania runs through the storytelling of the Baltics.

We feature the ultimate presentations of cinema from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and look to produce high quality content regarding the direction of movie making in the Baltics.

Because we are all fans of our favorite movies, many of our movies being produced right here in the Baltics and the rich history of cinema in the Baltic countries, Baltic Creators understands that  the Baltic countries are known for creating beautiful movies.  Movies from the Baltic region including the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and the filmmakers and production teams who worked and invested their time and energy to deliver the work that reflects the Baltic region.

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Explore the best movies from the Baltic region here at Baltic Creators and enjoy our featured content regarding Baltic filmmakers and Baltic productions. Notable movie directors from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have worked to continue the development of movies from the Baltic region. As we look at the movies from the Baltic countries and the filmmakers who are working on exceptional work in production and about to be released coming out of the Baltic countries. This is an exciting time for filmmaking and cinema in the Baltic countries.

When one looks at the

When one looks at the movies currently in production and development in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, one might understand how exciting of a time this is for Baltic filmmaking and storytelling. With major film festivals taking notice to films coming out of the Baltic countries.

Movies From Latvia

Exploring the cinema of Latvia, and our favorite Latvian films and movies. In 2019, Latvia has been producing some great movies. If you are looking for upcoming releases from Latvia, you should check out our Latvian Movies of 2019 and the wide variety of exciting movies coming out this year.

A certain kind of silence arrives from Latvia, let’s explore the great abilities of this film.
In July 19th of 2019 Midsommar will arrive in Latvia.
30 August 2019
Abigail (2019)
20 September 2019
Jelgava 94 (2019)

Have you scene the film Vasili Mass’s great film from the early 1990’s

Lithuanian Movies and Productions

There have been a few major international production filmed in Lithuania in recent years.

  • HBO’s Chernobyl
  • BBC’s War and Peace
  • Netflix’s Tokyo Trial
  • TVNorge’s The Oil Fund

And there are plans for many other films in development. Explore Lithuanian movies and learn more about the history of filmmaking in Lithuania.

Estonian Movies and Productions

Lithuania at Berlinale and EFM

February 18th, 2020|0 Comments

Director Laurynas Bareiš presents her 13-minute short film “Dummy” (lit. “Atkūrimas”) as part of the Berlinale Shorts program in competition for the Golden Bear. Screenings of Dummy during Berlinale: 23.02.2020 14:00 Cubix 6 (Press Screening) [...]

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