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Advancements in the industries of science, technology, and computers include new advancements with biodiversity in the Baltic region. Let’s take a closer look into the research conducted in Estonia to learn how Estonia has quickly become a leader in research. Estonian science has become very successful. This is from our research with Tartu University.

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  • Estonian Biological Science

A History of Science in the Baltic Region

How the Baltic Sea Region became a competitive powerhouse in the Science industry begins with it’s leading Universities. Tartu University in Tallinn, Estonia, and in Vilnius their are two major Universities with focus on science. What Science Policy has influenced the direction that many have taken include influence from both Soviet and Western influence. Science cooperation includes higher education and research and an innovation test-bed.

Nanotechnology and Industry Test Beds, committed to science. Meanwhile at the Latvian Academy of Sciences we have divisions dedicated to the physical and technical sciences alongside their focus on chemical and biological sciences. There are fifteen research institutes in Latvia and most of these research institutes are attached to the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

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  • Biology

The Riga Technical University (founded in 1990) has various engineering faculties. Both are in Riga, as are the Latvian Academy of Medicine (founded in 1951), the Riga Aviation University (founded in 1919), and the Stradin Museum of the History of Medicine. The Latvian University of Agriculture (founded in 1939) is located in Jelgava, and the National Botanical Garden is situated in Salaspils. In 1987–97, science and engineering students accounted for 23% of university enrollment. In the same period, Latvia had 1,049 scientists and engineers and 351 technicians per million people engaged in research and development.