In Vilnius, the 2nd annual Comic Con is going to take over the capital city of Lithuania. This means all your favorite super heroes and pop culture icons from around the world are going to hop on their Super Jets and unicorns and head towards Vilnius. Magic is going to be unleashed in the Baltics with the Comic Con Baltics 2019. Comic Con Baltics 2019 offers a great opportunity for those who want to have fun, celebrate pop culture and just be a kid again. We all have our favorite super heroes. This is why Comic Con Baltics 2019 is so important.

Vilnius Youth Need Comic Con

We already talked about how Vilnius is a city that is young and vibrant.

Comic Con Baltics will take place on the two days of the 21st and 22nd of September. This year’s event promises tons to see, hear and experience with celebrities from your favorite tv shows and movies showing up to celebrate pop culture in the Baltics. The event is known as the biggest pop culture event in the Baltic countries and the 2019 addition was absolutely awesome. Taking place in Vilnius the event included some of the best cosplay costumes in Vilnius and the absolute top cosplay event in the Baltic countries. The annual popular culture event took place and was awesome. The event was organized in Vilnius.

Who Showed at Comic Con Baltics 2019?

Steven Ogg, from The Walking Dead was there. world-known web-comic creators Yehuda and Maya Devir to people. Danny Devito was there. The star of “Married… With Children” David Faustino, Georgia Hirst was there. Rob DenBleyker. Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania this year’s Comic Con Baltics had Captain America visiting,

What did we miss?