With the holiday seasons in full bloom, Baltic Creators is celebrating with our favorite Baltic designs and creators of 2019. With so many great designers and creators available in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, it offers so much value for us to choose from. When searching for anywhere in Vilnius with the perfect residence or commercial property in 2020. The real estate in Vilnius is thriving and the Baltic Creators Vilnius Real Estate guide for 2019 promises the best reports on apartments in Vilnius.

In Europe, trends in furniture and interior design are gaining inspiration from the Baltics. Modern trends for the apartment interior decor including the furniture and what is trending in furniture advancements including bedroom advancements with the bed, the lighting, and the style and choice of color and ambience. Having complete control of the design. These are all Baltic Inspirations and a lead focus here at Baltic Creators. When one is searching for interior designe elements we begin the interior design elements of the project. When one is looking for an apartment in Vilnius there are a few items one must consider. 

Vilnius Living Design and everything one must know about investing in Lithuania, renting a  bachelor apartment with kitchen and living room within the Old Town area of Vilnius in 2020. Common questions include what neighborhoods to look in to and what to expect from the land lords in Vilnius when renting an apartment. In November 2019, Baltic Creators has been focusing in on the special events taking place throughout the Baltic states for Fall 2019. with so many great celebration taking place and preparing for the holiday season.

Summer Living Vs. Winter Living in Vilnius 

With so much fun we are going to have learning Lithuanian in 2020. Season greeting from Baltic Creators and all the Christmas and holiday celebration to be had across the Baltic region. Did you know that all throughout Europe, celebrations are taking place. And with so much delicious local food to be had, it is no wonder the Tallinn Christmas Market has just opened up. Explore Estonia’s best market and everything else that has to go with it.

Imagine how many great local artists there are in the Baltic countries. We see how Estonia is doing very well with technology, and in Riga, there is this gaining in popularity and Baltic Creators loves the architecture and ambiance of Riga as a city. Riga is rising with dance, fashion, and modeling.

Baltic Creators and the Baltic Dance Studios embracing motion and dance in 2020. From Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius, the best dancers come together for a history of what dance is in the Baltics. Vilnius and the artwork of Vilnius including great paintings and visuals. With so many great artists available in Lithuania and the premiere location in Europe. Explore Baltic Creators love for art and design and our adventures at this year’s Comic Con in Vilnius.

All over the Baltic states, fun activities take place, Riga is a city where many great fun art activities do well. Painting, architure, and music for example. Tallinn is quickly becomine the king of technology. But in Vilnius, the youth embraces culture unlike anywhere else in the world.