For the best interior design trends of 2020 from inspiration in London and the UK let us look at what is trending and on display in the multi-culture city of London. If you are seeking inspiration for 2020 from the United Kingdom there is no where better to start then right here in London.

London Design Trends 2020

When I arrived back to Riga from London with all my new inspirational ideas from the UK my friends were ecstatic to say the least. There are many design trends that are in and many that are out this year. As we all continue to shelter in place, coming up with multi-use ideas and design ideas is key for 2021. The first thing we need to be thinking about in 2021 is nice and cozy. This is the year to keep it cool.

Everyone is familiar with the new Zoom Rooms that are becoming available throughout the world. These Zoom Rooms are needed to produce video content and the beauty, health, and lifestyle inspiration from the United Kingdom with my journeys around London searching for the hottest boutiques and the inspiration from London. And of course finding the hottest real estate in London and bringing that information right back to you here in Riga. There is tons of inspiration you can find from London.

Meanwhile, at the Tallinn Art Gallery, artists from the UK present some fantastic contemporary art.