The romantic story of Eglė is one of many great Lithuanian legends and a large part of the Lithuanian folklore. Eglė’s love for the Lithuanian countryside and her family is strong. She also loves her serpent husband. What is she to do?

Now I may come from a large family, this is true. But damn it, my family cares! As a Lithuanian farmer’s daughter, my choices in life were limited when my fate found me. I did not choose my destiny, my destiny chose me. It was a summer day, and I was swimming by the lake. I remember the smell of Lithuanian flowers in the air. I am Eglė, I am a Lithuanian Goddess, the Queen of Serpents and believe me, I know loss. It all started a long time ago, when I was a young girl and the daughter of a local farmer from the lush Lithuanian countryside. Our farm sat next to the Baltic sea and every morning I would take a bath in the sea along with by two, beautiful sisters.  It was on this fateful day that I met the love of my life, the King of Serpents, only on this day, he tookt he form of a serpent. What on earth was he doing in my clothes in the first place. This is what I want to know first. I returned to the shore and found the serpent hiding in my clothes.

A Marriage Proposal From the Serpent

I did not know the snake could speak Lithuanian. Yes, I agreed to become his wife, but this is truly not fair. I was naked and vulnerable. And yes, I agreed.

It was rediculous for me to admit to marrying him and I still blame myself today for it! But hey, I made that choice and he was stubborn when it came time for me to go with him into that beautiful sea and create little snake babies. After I dressed, I ran back to be with my sisters, and to be honest, I acted like nothing happened. it wasn’t until the upcoming few days that things started to get a little strange back at the farmhouse.

Finally I had to tell someone so I told my uncle Jerry. He was slightly furious because he has always been slightly protective of me. See, I was kind of like a daughter to Uncle Jerry. He conducted this whole plan of how we were going to trick the serpents with cows, sheep, and well.. It almost worked.