The inspirational fine art of Estonia, and the artists producing incredible pieces of art, delivering the highest quality creations of expressions from this region of the world. The emerging art world and the artists of Estonia, including modern and contemporary art.

The discipline and dedication of Estonian artists and the Estonian fine art including the history of fine art in Estonia with the artists and influencers who have produced fine art within the country of Estonia for the betterment of advancing the culture of Estonia. Fine Art Creators of Estonia including architectures, designers, photographers and many other great influential artists from Estonia. Inspired by their land, their history, their culture, and the world and universe as a whole.Estonian art is reflected in many of the great museums and galleries available in Estonia.

Students of Tallinn University and the popular art galleries and museums of Tallinn and Estonia. Have you visitied the Estonian Academy of Fine Art? Baltic Creators is dedicated to fine art in Estonia and architecture and design. At the Art Museum of Estonia, many will see great pieces of art.

History of Estonian Art

Since the Stone Age, Estonians have been making artwork and producing cave paintings. Other types of Estonian art includes Gothic Art from the 1200 – 1600 ad, Soviet era art, Midevil artwork and Soviet artwork. The history of art in the Baltics is full of beautiful stories of culture and celebration.

Art Installations in Estonia 2019

Estonian Art Paintings For Sale

By partnering with Estonian fine artists, Baltic Creators offers the best in Estonian art.

Art Galleries and Museums in Estonia

Kumu Art Museum
Contemporary Art Museum of Art
Tallinn Art Hall
Helios Hall
Marzipana Gallery
Telliskivi Loomelinnak

The burgeoning creative culture in Estonia is alive and thriving. From the great music of Estonia and the capital city of Tallinn to the great inspirational designs in architecture.