The best of cinema, art, and music in the Estonia and the baltic countries of Latvia, and Lithuania. Developments here at Baltic Creators include those currently having an understanding of the excellent photography and art being produced in the Baltic countries and the Baltic countries currently in celebration of art, music, cinema, and the beautiful dance of the Baltics. From the innovations taking place in science to the developments with culture and enhancing and advancing culture in Lithuania, the focus on startups is real here at Baltic Creators.

Baltic Creators mission is to promote the creators of science, innovation, and art in the Baltic countries. As we look to advance cinema in the Baltic countries with our focus onĀ Baltic Moviesand the amazing artwork being created. Find the perfect movie in Latvian, Estonian, or the ancient language of Lithuania and the great storytellers and filmmakers advancing the content with Baltic Creators.

Estonian music is on the rise and Baltic Creators has the greatest inspiration taking you to all your favorite places in the Baltics and Estonia for live music and traditional music.

Expanding Baltic Fine Art

The cultures and the fine art of the Baltic countries is greatly expanded with the focus of Baltic Creators in 2019.