Within the forests of Estonia lives songs of gods. The Estonian song gods return to the forests each year and the sun and moon return with it. So the story goes that the Estonian spirits are still within the forests to this day. Ukko is the mighty Estonian god of thunder and as the beauty world of Estonian mythology, in Estonia, just like Metsik, the Estonian fairy of the woods, folk tales the faith of the earth and the beliefs of the ancient Estonian people can be experienced in the mythology of Estonia. Estonian mythology combines various belief systems and influences.

Estonian Gods and Mythology

Peko is an Estonian God of the Grain.

The complex mythology of Estonia, is no more complex than the next culture to the east or west. The influence of the Finno-Ugric peoples and speaking languages of the Ugric language have presented a great deal of awesome legends and stories in Estonian Mythology. Ancient Estonian folk tales include stories of witches as pagan priests make sacrifices to Pikne we will begin to understand the importance of these gods to the people.

Ă„iatar the female demon and her world as the destroyer and as a woman of beauty and the Devil’s Daughter. And as Estonia is a magical corner of Europe we find brilliance in the nature all around. Ahti is the judge of the sea. You may find the healing spirits of the Allikaravitseja. This is the healing spirits of the springs.