US Fintech companies and Europe is a very interesting market and those wondering why they should invest in Lithuania, specifically American companies. Our growing Fintech community

Regulators Approach to the Fintech Market

FinTech Talent Pool

FinTech Action plan and the European Commission as the EU encourages the innovation of FinTech in

Google, Amazon, WeChats and giants are encourages to appear in Europe. Challenging

Venture Capital Firms and European Expansion

Financial Technology is known as FinTech in the startup and technology world. Because Lithuania currently has direct SEPA access, and a strong institutional support, it has quickly gained the reputation as the best in superfast license issuing for Fintech startups in the EU. Financial Technology companies and startups in Lithuania include Revolut, Shift4Payments, Instarem, Revel Systems, TransferGO, DeVere E-Money, and plenty of other great FinTech Startups.

Lithuania’s FinTech industry grew 45% in 2018. Google has recently received a license through the Bank of Lithuania. Developing a strong team in Lithuania is key to many international FinTech businesses success.


Lithuanian FinTech Startups focusing in on lending and making fair lending more of a reality. Lending is a global phenomena and many startups with a focus on lending are making Lithuania their home. Lending is becoming easier, especially for small dollar loans and the trends continue with the developments in Fintech Lending here in the Baltics.







Fintech Solutions are perfect for small businesses. Simplifying financial services for small businesses and with the Fintech industry in Lithuania growing and the Fintech startups on the rise in Lithuania, featured here at Baltic Creators. Now that Lithuania has succesfully gained the recognition for Fintech needed as a startup hub, the nurturing nature must continue.

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