It’s amazing how many times I have walked through the streets of Riga with my headphones on listening to music, dancing in my head. Literally, dancing in the streets if Riga. Many dancers come to Riga from all parts of the Baltic region to focus in on dance and to become one of the greatest dancers in the world. Yes and with this is the fashion as fashion and dance come together. Many great celebration with fashion and dance leading into 2020 with spectacular opportunities for dancers beyond just Instagram videos and becoming the next great Latvian Youtuber.

Let’s just say, as a 24 year-old Riga local, I know my city very well. I love Riga, Latvia, and I am grateful to be Latvian. The pride I have in my city is the same pride I hold for dance and fashion. They hold so much inspiration for me. And yes, Riga is a place that is known for it’s Art Nouvou architecture from whatever century that is but there is so much more to Riga.