Imagine Vilnius, and the youth of Vilnius, exploring and becoming inspired by their local surroundings and their local Lithuanian community. As influence from external sources and countries from far away provide another elements of what Lithuanians are embracing in 2019. Music, dance, movement, these are only some of the elements being explored and embraced in Lithuania and especially in the capital city of Vilnius. Many of the youth in Vilnius and the young at heart are embracing this art culture movement currently taking place in Vilnius. When one looks at the local artists and filmmakers coming together to create such a strong community in Vilnius, one might understand how something so great is happening right here in Vilnius. Lithuanian movies are on the rise and Vilnius is no exception to embracing the culture of cinema.

Local Art Galleries Come Alive

Exploring the art scene in Vilnius and experiencing the local old town vibes of Vilnius offer a great understanding of the potential that is available here in Vilnius.