The beautiful port city of Klaipėda, on the western coast of Lithuania offers beautiful beaches and a chill, calm vibe. Klaipėda is located on the Dane River leading into the Baltic Sea. This historical port city is a very busy area for shipping and transportation of goods. Klaipėda Creators gain inspiration from the calm vibes and the nature that surrounds the historic city. The cities history is rich and dates back to the Baltic Tribes. When visiting the city, we recommend you take tour of the archelogical site of the Klaipėda Castle, also known as Memelburg.

Visiting Klaipėda

Klaipėda is a unique city in Lithuania with a history of strong German influence and the recent Soviet past. There are plenty of beautiful national parks, museums to explore, and fabulous restaurants for dining. We love spending time in the city and enjoying the Maritime lifestyle. At the Curonian Split,  one may find their soul and you will have plenty of great stories to share with others.

Klaipėda Castle Museum is a must see for those visiting Klaipėda.
Clock Museum
Klaipėda Drama Theatre
Blacksmith’s Museum

Lithuania at Berlinale and EFM

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