It has officially been announced that the the Government of the Republic of Latvia has reached an agreement with the European Space Agency (also known as ESA) to become an Associate Member. Entering into a 7 year agreement, ESA welcomes Latvia to join them and work towards innovation in the European Space Agency. This comes as exciting news for Latvia offering great opportunity for Latvian scientists and the field of innovation. The Agreement was signed on behalf of European Space Agency by Director General Jan Wörner followed by a signing by the Latvian Minister of Education and Science (IZM) Mrs Ilga Šuplinska on 30 June in Riga. This happened prior to its ratification by the national Parliament which was notified to ESA on 27 July.

Advancing Research and Development With Latvian Scientists

This is also a great accomplishment for ESA as they have now established formal relations with all the 13 States that acceded to the European Union since 2004. This strategic move is expected to open up fresh opportunities for Latvian scientists and offer entrepreneurs opportunities to work and cooperate with the European space industry.