Latvian artwork and the art of Latvia available for sale include original pieces of work from local Latvian artists. The artwork collection from Latvia here at Baltic Creators offers the best of Latvian local art. Shop one of a kind Latvian art pieces and paintings from local Latvian artists and painters. With the Latvian place of origin selection of paintings. Emerging Latvian artists have partnered with Baltic Creators in 2019 to promote Latvian art.

Mid-century Latvian art pieces are available including Modern, Art Deco and many other great paintings and art pieces available. Antique and Vintage Paintings and Artwork from Latvian artists, as well as 21st century pre-owned pieces, custom made to order pieces, and other selection of art pieces available from Latvian artists right here at Baltic Creators.

Riga Art Capital of Latvia

Vintage art pieces in Riga available right here at Baltic Creators.

  • Street Art
  • Pop Art
  • Acrylic
  • Portrait
  • Oil
  • Landscape
  • Nude