Latvian Folk Songs, The Dainas, and Latvia as a Nation of Singers and a Nation of Poets. Many wonder what a Daina is and what it sounds like. While you are here, I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite gods from Latvia and the folklore from my childhood. I am old and my time on earth may be drifting, yet the Latvian Gods and the Heroes of the past still whisper in my ear from time to time. Especially Auseklis. So yes, we will begin with ​Auseklis, the God of the dawn. As the morning sun rises, you will find Auseklis. And this is what we will discuss in more detail here. Because here is where birth began and what we are wanting to talk about is the Latvian birth. Are you familiar with Laima? Have you met her two sisters, Kārta and Dēkla? Your introduction into the folklore and mythology of Latvia begins in Riga, Latvia. The rich history and culture of Latvia is reflected in the folklore and folk tradition including the holidays such as the summer solstice holiday Jāņi.

An Introduction to Latvian Folklore and Mythology

From our location in Riga we will begin to explore the folklore and mythology of Latvia. We begin tonight as the moon is new. This includes information regarding The Dainas and Latvian Ethnomusicology and Latvian music traditions and the traditional musical instruments played and utilized for performances by Latvians.