The ancient folklore and mythology of Latvia is deeply rooted within the history of Latvia and the Baltic tribes of the past that settled within the fresh, fertile land next to the coast of the Baltic Sea. To begin to connect with the gods of Latvia, one must step outside and look towards the Latvian sky with their feet firmly planted in the earth. Open your eyes, and your minds to the world of Latvian mythology residing both above and below.

The Beginning of Latvian Mythology

The Latvian mythology and the folklore includes looking towards the sky, one will begin to see a glimpse into the eternal life of Dievs, who we may all owe our life to. For he is the one who has given it to us. The Creator. Sometimes you may see him dressed in a gray cloak, a sword at his side. This is according to some very ancient sources indeed.

Latvia has a plentiful amount of great myths and folklore. The great stories and mythology from Latvia including the legends of Latvian Mythology and the folktales from old Latvia. The pantheon of the Baltics and the Latvian mythology once spread across the sky such just as Dievas, the Supreme God of Latvia did. As many demons have been chased away from the capital city of Riga The folklore of Latvia and Latvian mythology with the stories from the surrounding land and Debeskalns, the Sky Mountain and the world of Saule, with the Dievs dancing around include many similar stories to that of Lithuania as they often share the same gods and land. Yet Latvia also has mythology and gods of it’s own. Sea Barring gods and Forest gods alike. In Latvia the world of magic and the latvian mythology that it was born from can still be seen in celebration and dance throughout Riga.

Latvian Gods and Heroes

Let us begin with ‚ÄčAuseklis, the God of the dawn and also known as the Morning star.

Be sure to explore the mythology of Lithuania as well. Please keep in mind that Latvian gods and goddesses included in the Latvian mythology also may include many demigods, spirits, demons and personifications of various celebratory events.

Deep within the ground of the earth are the sacred teaching from Latvia. in Latvia every little thing that occurs in nature and in the life of humans has their own mate the primal mother. Oldest layers in the myths tell us a lot about the worship of the ancestors, world view that was based on the idea of re-carnation in nature. Earth was sacred for the Balts and it was something to respect. This list contains most well-known Baltic deities, pagan holidays and festivals connected to agrarian wheel of the year, minor nature spirits and the symbolism connected to them.

Latvian Feasts and Celebrations