Take time to explore the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia this upcoming year and find special destinations in hidden cities. The technological advancements of Lithuania and the celebrations that are taking place all the time alongside these advancements. Imagine a world of creators from the filmmakers and artists of the Baltics. Baltic Creators advancements in art and culture through the countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. With Baltic Creators artwork and fine art paintings alongside the greatest news source in the Baltic countries. Are you planning on attending the upcoming FinTech conventions taking place throughout the Baltic states?

For those looking for the best contemporary artists in Lithuania and the artists historically who have changed the history of Lithuania and have provided deep roots for growth in the futer. Explore the world of art in Lithuania and those beautiful Lithuanian artists who are currently offering the best in Lithuanian art for those  through the creations of local artists in the Baltics. From fine art creators, visual artists, and visionaries coming together to strengthen the art scene throughout the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. By producing a greater understanding of the history of art in the Baltic regions by studying the great artists of the past and celebrating the new artists of today and the future.

Art and diversity, the kinds of art, and the importance of art to the Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Visual arts, as well as music, literature, architecture, and design, and the importance of theatre in Baltic art. The best art and the galleries in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia currently housing the best in Baltic art, and the residencies currently taking place throughout the Baltic countries. The visual representation of artwork throughout the Baltic countries and the rich history of art and theatre, including beautiful dance.

Lithuania Celebrates Art

As Lithuania celebrates art with the Lithuania art of 2020.

Art Basel Switzerland 2019

Meanwhile at Art Basel 2019, we explore more Baltic art and prepare for the art world’s favourite event.

If you are interested in spending Christmas time in Riga this year, we recommend you check it out today. Estonian art, Latvian music, and the heritage of Lithuania while we focuse in on Lithuanian culture. With food and local restaurants throughout the Baltic countries involved in great infusions of cuisine. Imagien the brilliance of this year’s Baltic winter and as the snow falls throughout the countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, we look at some of our favorite Christmas Markets.

Lithuania Culture and Art
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