The folklore of Lithuania, past down from generation to generation, the mythology and the land of the Lithuanian imagination is vast and deep with roots. While Lithuania the last Pagan nation the folklore and legends still remain today. The dieties and mythological creatures of Lithuania begin with the god of thunder, Perkūnas.

Lithuanian mythology and folklore are closely intertwined. While Lithuanians have been the last European pagan nation to Christianise the pagans never had religious books and thus much of the old religion has survived in the folklore alone. What were once deities may have been relegated to mythical creatures or natural forces in later folktales, however.

The Hidden Truth of Lithuanian Mythology

With Baltic Creators curiosity on the Lithuanian Mythology including the religion, the gods, and the folklore that surrounded the people of ancient Lithuania. Through the years, Lithuania has played host to various different hosts. From pre-christian Europe and especially in Lithuania, we arrive in a time. Let’s explore the mythology of Lithuania during these early times in history. Within the legends of Lithuania, you will find many great gods and folklore.

Lithuania and Pre-Christian Europe

Mythology was a large part of Lithuanian life before the land was Christianed in 1387. Pagan land in Lithuania was where the farmers ruled and the gods who ruled over them. This was the place where Dievas ruled. Not much information can be found and resources tend to be slightly limited for the history of Lithuania prior to Pre-Christian time. One of the most popular tales from Lithuanian mythology is the story of the Serpent Queen. The old religions of Lithuania and tails such as those from the forest and the sea.

Folktales from both Northern Lithuania and Southern Lithuania are plentiful.

Myth and Legends Surrounding Amber

Jūratė and Kastytis tells the story of the sea. Explore the underwater adventures of Baltic countries and the Lithuanian legends and folklore of yesterday.