The Goddess Žemyna is everywhere, every thing, and part of everyone. I am life. And as it is a beautiful morning here in the Holy Forest, surrounded by the birds chirping and my forest trees breathing in and out in rhythm like beautiful locks of hair draping down upon my Earth. Yes, I, the Goddess of Lithuania and the Baltic cutlure, Žemyna, the Goddess of the earth, holiest of the dieties, and the one that brings nutrition to the land.

And who are you? Who is this that has awaken me after so many years of slumber? I ask because I am curious to know if you remember the story of Žemyna and recollect who I am. I am allmighty and powerful indead aand the MOTHER of every living being

By sharing food and wine with the earth, you offer a prayer to me.

Offering a Prayer to Žemyna

If you are wanting to offer a prayer or sacrifice to me, I suggest taking better care of of the earth. For I am the earth.