Our guide to local Vilnius, including the best businesses for local community and supporting the community of businesses in Lithuania and the capital city of Vilnius. For those looking for the best interior design services in Vilnius and establishing a high end desire for the best in restaurants, wine, and nightlife in Vilnius.

As the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius offers much for those traveling through the country and want to explore some of the Lithuanian history of Vilnius. From the great artists and culturial events taking place in Vilnius to the startup sector and advancements with Lithuania’s economy, many great opportunities are created in Vilnius for creators and innovators. With Baltic Creators local vilnius guide, one can explore the best of local Vilnius with our dedicated team of journalists who are from the capital city of Vilnius. From the great interior design elements of Vilnius to those looking to advance their opportunities in real estate in Vilnius, Baltic Creators has the best of Vilnius.

Dance in Vilnius

Enjoy the best celebrations in Vilnius including music and dance. Celebrate with the best restaurant guide in Vilnius, right here at Baltic Creators’ guide to local Vilnius, Lithuania. With valuable insights and informational resources for visitors to the capital city and for new-comers who are moving to Vilnius.

Where to Eat in Vilnius

Especially in the Summer time, you will find Vilnius is a place where eating is always part of the celebrations. The local Vilnius life is to enjoy the best of traditional Lithuanian cuisine combined with more internationally inspired and crafted eats and drinks.

About Vilnius, Lithuania

A local’s guide to Vilnius, my beautiful home town and the city that I was raised in. First, let me start by saying Vilnius is a place that enjoys culture and has pride in our Lithuanian heritage. The Vilnius Creators and the local community that strengthens the presence of joy in this beautiful city can be scene through the art, culture and world of innovation taking place in the neighborhoods of Vilnius.

History of Local Vilnius and Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital and the largest city in Lithuania. The history of this beautiful city is rich with tradition and culture. From the Lithuanian folklore that has shaped it’s ancient past to the most recent turbulent history.

Lithuanian Culture in Vilnius

Lithuanians have a strong connection to nature and community favors a shared culture. With traditions that include folk music tied within holidays, Lithuania has continued it’s tradition through the years.

Vilnius Christmas Celebrations At Lukiškės Prison

December 15th, 2019|0 Comments

Located in the courtyard of the The Lukiškės Prison is a metamorphose of light celebrating the holiday season in Vilnius, Lithuania and taking place in Vilnius this year during the holiday season at the Lukiškės [...]

Leonard Cohen Statue In Vilnius

September 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

The late Litvak Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen now has a special part within the hearts of Vilnius. A bronze statue of the famous singer-songwriter originally created by the sculptor Romualdas Kvintas was unvieled over the [...]

Vilnius Interior Design

Vilnius is a city that takes design seriously.

Vilnius Fine Art

The world of fine art in Vilnius.

Vilnius Local Restaurant Guide

The delicious Lithuanian cuisine of Vilnius.

Neighborhoods if Vilnius

The Old Town