The Great Goddess Māra is known as the Great Mother of the World and is one of the most respected dieties of Latvian folklore and mythology. Māra is a goddess-mother and her strength is symbolic in many ways of the great material world and the maternal. She is the defender of women and ruler of the earth and the underground. She is the feminine counterpart to Dievs. She is known as the Mother of the Earth, the Mother of Water, the Mother of the Forest, and even the Mother of Lingerie. Is the Mother of All Things.

All mothers are different expressions of the great goddess Māra. As the goddess of fertility, Māra is the administrator of birth, life, and also death. And because Māra is the Goddess of Fertility, women ask Māra for help regarding fertilization and protection.

I invite you to join me on the other side of this great existence. I will welcome you when it is your turn. I will show you the way towards death. Yes they tend to mention me in songs and folklore yet has my name been forgotten all these years?

he material manifestation of God is Mara. Mara controls everything living and not living, participates in all life processes of people, in that sense it is the secret of fertility, but at the end of her life a person finally moves the earth, the stature comes back to Mara’s care. Mara’s churches, which are an ancient Latvian sacred grove and sanctuaries in nature, are especially highlighted.

Mara’s main qualities are love and holiness. Mara is especially close to a woman, helping in the most important events of her life: walking in the nations, in creatures and raising children. Mara is also a caretaker, farm supervisor, promoter of young people and betting.

Dear Mara,

Entrance to the mill:

I found a grinder,

Scrolling against the sun.

Mara in Latvian folklore symbolizes the land. In mythology, Mara is the queen of fertility forces, who rules the land and waters. There are also many variations of the Mara sign – a horizontal line, a curve, thus depicting the flow of a river or the plain of the earth.

Mara is the deity of the material world, the giver of fertility, the defender of women. In Latvian folklore, deities – Mothers – have an important place, then Māra also knows and governs these Deity deities.

Mara’s pattern is depicted as an equilateral triangle, a hook, a semicircle with the top down. When depicting this sign in the plane, its edges look in the directions where the sun rises and sets at the summer solstice (NE and NW). The sign has a great symbolic meaning. Combining it with the triangle of God gives balance and harmony, because the sign of Mara has the opposite force. Combining the sign of God and Mary creates a gap. It is a widely used pattern that, together with other signs, forms an ambiguous symbolism. Both of these signs, placed one on top of the other, forming a hexagonal star, also called the Lithuanian cross, protect from evil. The Mara sign gives thoroughness, security, connection with the forces of earth and nature.

The following signs are also widely known: Mara’s triangle, Mara’s waters, Mara’s cross or cross of crosses, which the ancient Latvians formed on loaves of bread.