I’ve been living in Estonia now since I moved here from New Hampshire three years ago. I have tips for those looking to move to Estonia and what they expect upon arriving in the country. In Estonia, you may want to prepare for a land full of darkness and it can get fairly cold here. You will not be producing much Vitamin D in the winter months here on the 59th parallel. Embracing the delicious food of Estonia is key as well. Enjoy root foods, meats and potatoes. Upon arriving at the international airport in Estonia you will need to find out how you are wanting to arrive at your Airbnb and what to expect.

Transportation in Tallinn, the Capital City

Okay, so you arrive at the airport in Tallinn and you are now looking to move into your new home. When you arrive you are also going to want to find a great sauna to call your favorite as well. We are going to take some time to talk about transportation in Estonia but don’t worry, the public transportation system works really well and a lot of people in Estonia speak English so this is good as well. When you arrive in Estonia you will need to decide if you are going to learn Estonian or not.

  • Public Transportation such as bus
  • Bicycles
  • Rollerblades
  • Walking

Estonian Supermarket Tour and Estonian Cooking Classes

Estonians love food just as much as everyone else does.