Explore the music of Estonia with Baltic Creators and our special featured articles and stories about Estonian music artists and the music of the Baltic states. From electronic dance beats to beautiful harmonies created in the traditional language of Estonia, Estonian songwriters and music creators including historic composers for some of the Baltic regions best love symphonies and songs. Dating back to the 12th century, from the rhythmic melodies and the folksongs of Estonia to the most recent popular artists of today. The Estonian Creators advancing the world of music in the 21st century and the history of music in Estonia.

Baltic music and fine art have always had a great deal of connection together. When looks at the fine art of Estonia and compares the work alongside the music of the same era, one finds brilliance in both the music and the art.

Popular Music Artists in Estonia

The hot internationally succesful Estonian artist Kerli was born and raised in South-Estonia. Her songs include “Walking on Air” in 2008 and Demi Lovato’s hit song “Skyscraper”.