The Baltic Creators guide to music of Lithuania and the sounds and vibrations created by Lithuanian music artists in 2019. Music of Lithuania and the Baltic Creators including traditional music, choir music, and popular music of today in Lithuania. Music Composers in Lithuania as well as songwriters and music artists are featured here at Baltic Creators. We also look at some of the most famous venues and music halls in the country. Throughout the country of Lithuania, many great artists perform live throughout the Summer season. Upcoming events in Lithuania include events in Vilnius, and the best music festivals throughout Lithuania. Have you heard of Granatos Live? Granatos Live is a 4 day festival taking place in Lithuania. Located just 20 km east of Kaunas, in the town of Rumsiskes. Since 2013, Granatos has been laying it down live. Explore more of the city and festivals taking place throughout the Summer Season.

Lithuanian Music and Dance

The traditional music of Lithuania and the dances that are famous in Lithuania. The culture of Lithuania and the advancements made by Lithuania.

Lithuania Movies and Music

Explore the best Lithuanian movies and the music of the cinema here at Baltic Creators.

Andrius Mamontovas is a singer, songwriter, and music artist who is famous in Lithuania. Another popular pop songwriter is GJan.

SKAMP is a very popular musical group. Rock music is very popular in Lithuania and many great artists can be heard throughout Lithuania. Jurga Šeduikytė is someone we recommend looking for as well in Lithuania.

Alina Orlova is singer-songwriter originally from Visaginas, Lithuania, and performs throughout Lithuania.

Asmik Grigorian 

Vilnius Music Scene

Explore the Vilnius Music Scene with our guide from Baltic Creators.

Summer Music Festivas in Lithuania

Relax and enjoy the Bliuzo Naktys, an international blues festival. Make sure to explore Sūpynės
as well because you have to enjoy all that Lithuania has to offer.