In Riga, Latvia, a coalition came together and agreed conceptually to the development of the acoustic concert hall construction project in Riga. The project is set to take place on Elizabetes Street 2 at Kronvalda Park. The location will replace the current standing World Trade Center build that is scheduled for demolition. This will include a full dismantling of the former LPSR Communist Party Central Committee building, where the ‘World Trade Center’ is now located and it will be replaced with the Riga Acoustic Hall. This was first reported by Latvian Radio. This very exciting project is a great advancement for Latvian culture.¬† The coalition was joined by ¬†Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins. We are very excited for this addition of culture to Riga.

When will construction begin?

Construction is expected to begin in three years. These types of projects can take some time in development, so let us all be patient with this one.

When will the Concert Hall open it’s doors?

With the concert hall opening its doors by 2027.