Packed full of celebrations from the moment of it’s conception, the Riga Art Gallery offers a home for artists in Riga, Latvia. Explore what Riga is all about here at Baltic Creators and our celebration of art in Latvia. We are very excited to be opening our doors to the public and as we welcome artists from around the world to come celebrate with us in 2020. When the doors open and the artists arrive, the celebrations continue with local Latvian music and food. At the Grand Opening of the Baltic Creators newest edition of the Riga Art Gallery in 2020 you find contemporary art from your favorite Latvian artists. You are invited to come to the grand opening celebration in of the Riga Art Gallery, the latest and greatest edition to Old Town Riga.

Local New Art Gallery in Riga

We are located in the heart of Old Town, offering the best in modern, contemporary art from Latvia and the surrounding lands. We are currently offering specials on entrance to the art gallery and you can learn more if you’d like by you to come in to the Baltic Creators newest edition to local artwork in Latvia where both contemporary art and classic art shine. And as your curated gallery guide to the best of Latvia let us explore some of our absolute favorite artists.  This includes our collaborative summer shows and fall series as well. If you are eager to explore the legends and folklore of Latvia currently on display at our gallery, please reach us today.

Our first show focuses on art through Latvian Cinema. We look at our favorite movies from Latvia at the Riga Art Gallery.

Opening Our Doors in 2020

We are excited to be opening the doors of the Riga Art Gallery to the public in 2020 at our grand location in Old Town Riga. This is the spot where contemporary art shines the brightest in Riga. Here at the Baltic Creators Riga Art Gallery, contemporary artists and artwork from across Latvia alongside neighboring countries such as Lithuania and Estonia are presented here at the Riga Art Gallery is the best contemporary art place in Riga for Latvian Creators on display.

Current museum exhibitions and art installations at the Riga Art Gallery in 2020. There is something for everyone at the Riga Art Gallery including local art and displays from Latvian artists and international artists, contemporary choices and classic Renaissance style paintings.

  • Street Art
  • Pop Art
  • Acrylic
  • Portrait
  • Oil
  • Landscape
  • Nude

Baltic Creators Riga Art Gallery and expositions including paintings, art exhibits, and displays from international artists, alongside both famous and upcoming local Latvian artists. The artists from neighboring Baltic countries of Lithuania and Latvia may include some of your favorite artists as well. Riga has quickly gained a reputation for having some of the best artwork available and our classical editions. Let’s talk about the deep vermillion of the architecture of Riga and a trip to the Splendid Palace in Riga.

Latvian Art and Local Artists

You may purchase art from some of your favorite local Latvian artists. Explore themes such as mythology and pop art from some of your favorite Latvian artists. Original paintings from local artists, as well as luxury prints from our art sales and rental gallery and our contemporary, original works from Baltic artists.

Art Exhibitions in Riga

The Street Art of Riga available with tours of Riga through our partners here at Baltic Creators. If you are wanting to explore some of the world’s best Pop Art available here in Riga, then you have come to the right place.

Presenting Latvian Artists

With many great Latvian artists featured including classic artists and new upcoming artists. Explore Riga’s historical depth and cutting edge artistry at the Riga Art Gallery.

  • Riga Art Space
  • Happy Art Museum
  • Live Silver Museum
  • Amber Museum
  • Art Gallery PUTTI