As the country of Latvia continues it’s progress working in the field of science and it’s rich history of advancing the world of Science including how the Latvian Academy of Sciences has made some great accomplishments in the work with Life Sciences.

Bilateral relations with the United States and the partnerships with the industries of Science in the country of Latvia include the major Universities in Riga and the startups that are focused on Deep Tech Science in Latvia. When we consider the science field in Latvia and we look at the growth rate of Latvia, the country of Latvia is experience the third highest growth rate in the EU. Latvia’s attraction of capital investments reached 148.2% of EU’s average index. Let’s take a look at Latvia’s human resources, attractive research system, innovation-friendly environment, finances and support, business investment, business innovation, collaboration between science and business, intellectual assets, the impact of innovation on employment, and the impact of innovation on sales.

Life Science Research in Latvia

At University of Latvia and Riga Technical University, Scientific papers and periodical editions are submitted. In Latvia, an estimate of fifteen research institutes, most attached to the academy, conduct medical, technical, and scientific research.

Human Resources in Latvia

Human resources management and how Latvians manage their Human Resources. We all understand the world of work is changing. How one handles tax and immigration services.