Opening our doors in Riga for the local grand opening of our culture celebration in 2020 through Latvian art and music. You arrive at The Culture Gallery of Latvia and you are invited in through the local Riga Art Gallery as you are welcome to join Baltic Creators in 2020 as we explore the culture of Latvia at our new culture gallery in Riga, Latvia. Here at the Culture Gallery in Riga, you will learn more about the fantastic history of Riga, Latvia and the folklore and traditions of the land.

The Riga Gallery is introduced to the public in 2020 surrounded by the incredible designs and the archaic, beautiful architecture of the capital city here in Latvia.  Celebrate Latvian culture at the new center in Old Town and enjoy a delicious cup of organic coffee, fresh soups, salads and art from the Baltic countries. The Baltic Creators multifunctional art studio in Riga serves to deliver valuable insights into Latvian culture on display.

Latvian Fine Art and Culture

The fine art of Latvia and the cultural significance of the contemporary Latvian artists. With the Latvian art for sale at the Culture Gallery you will find plenty of reasons to celebrate Latvian culture.

It is now reaching August here in Estonia and the Summer here has been quiet to say the least. All across the land Estonians celebrated with Summer events in July. Throughout 2020 the latest news and updates from the Baltic region of Europe including the capital cities of Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. With updates that include traveling to the Baltic region in 2020 and how to prepare for your travels and the latests events taking place in Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. The cultures of Estonia can also be found in the nature available.

In Riga, Latvia, one will find the city surrounded with beautiful architecture and within the art galleries in 2020 one will explore the abundant of Fine Art in Latvia with Baltic Creators and our presentation of local artists delivering high quality visual art in Riga, Latvia. The delivery of high quality artwork including both contemporary art pieces and classes art pieces with creators from all over Latvia. We all know that Riga is one of the most beautiful of Europe’s historic cities, and has long been treasured as one of the continent’s most important cultural centers. Let us explore Riga like we never have in 2020 and our coverage of the best parts of Latvia.

Baltic Folklore Comes to Life

At Baltic Creators in 2020, Baltic Folklore comes to life with an abundance of new insights into the folklore of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.