Explore the Riga Gallery in 2020 and all of the beautiful architecture surrounding the capital city here in Latvia. For excellent coffee, organic soups, salads, and much more available here at the Riga Gallery in Old Town. For amazing coffee in Riga, stop in here today. If you are wondering what neighborhood in Riga we are located at and why our gallery stands out as such a great gallery let us look deeper into the contemporary artwork of Riga.

The newest edition to old town Riga is the exciting new art gallery introducing high quality artwork from your favorite Latvian artist. A place where you can enjoy your coffee while you enjoy your artwork. A the Baltic Creators Riga Gallery in Old Town, you will find many wonderful opportunities to enjoy your time in Riga. At the Riga Gallery one will find joy and happiness inside the comfort of this beautiful art gallery. And this is just the beginning. Let us explore the fine art of Latvia here at Baltic Creators. The rich history of Latvia can be found in the Dainas of the past.

Grand Opening of the Riga Gallery

We invite you to the Grand Opening Celebration of the Riga Gallery in the center of Riga. We will have the best contemporary art in Riga on display. We also will have dance celebrations from Latvian dancers in 2020.

Fine Art in Riga

As a multifunctional art studio in Riga, The Riga Gallery brings so much beauty to life. What is so exciting about fine art in Riga and what we love the most is the direction contemporary art is heading in 2021. Being on the pulse of what is happening in Latvia is key. Find out how fine art around the world is trending right here in Latvia. At the Baltic Creators Riga gallery our focus is on the promotion of Latvian culture.

Promotion of Latvian Culture

The promotion of Latvian culture including Literature, Music and Dance, Theatrical arts, Film arts, Visual arts, Cultural Heritage, Traditional Culture, Design and Architecture, Interdiscliplinary.