There were a lot of great moments in 2020 for music. Let’s talk about some of the vibes that really made us move in 2020. Great rhythms and beats like Walk Out by Cadenza, Ms Banks, and Spice. This fantastic song is like a throw back to some incredible MIA beats. We love this song for sure in the office and jammed out to it nonstop here at Baltic Creators. She’s based out of London and the style definetely has that awesome jam to it. Then we have a song by Jacob Collier. This groovy track makes you move. It’s called All I need.

We really should start with the cultural significance of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. The top album of 2020 was SAULT. This album is just a well rounded great album. This blend of Neo Soul, Funk, Rhythm and Blues sets a part as the standout album of 2020. In Estonia the music news takes us to new levels with the exceptional tunes coming out of Estonia right now.

Music Moments of 2020 and The Top 5 List

There were some interesting moments in 2020. It probably might go down as one of the most interesting year’s in music.

#1 The Music of the Black Lives Matter Movement