For the latest travel information regarding travel to and from Latvia in 2021 and the latest updates regarding COVID 19 and protocols for entrance to Latvia. Beyond the Latvian travel packages and tours from small companies looking to get you to travel to the capital city of Riga in 2021, and spend your hard earned money partying it up in the capital city, I am here to take you beyond the capital city to some of my favorite places in Latvia. Please note that I am Latvian and I grew up in Riga, the capital city of Latvia in a neighborhood called Vecrīga. For those that don’t know, Vecrīga is located right in the heart of old town Riga and my childhood was a good one indeed full of naps at the local park and eating delicious Latvian cuisine. When I went a way for study, I moved to Dublin. While studying, my new friends often ask my how it is to live in Latvia. And now they are asking me if it is a good time to currently travel to Latvia in 2020 or 2021. Well, as a local Latvian, I plan to give you my point of view on traveling to Latvia in 2021 and why you should most certainly consider it.

Addressing the Latvian Travel Ban

First, I’d like to discuss travel in November or December 2020. Because now might now be the best time to be traveling. But I am always thinking of traveling so I thought we should at least discuss it. A lot of people have been reconsidering travel to Latvia in 2021.

Travel to Latvia in December 2020

My friends ask my all the time if they should come and visit me in December or are they going to be coming to a place that is sad and depressing. I believe there are many great events planned for December 2020 in Latvia. I think you should first ask yourself why you would want to come to Latvia in December. Well, I will tell you why. Christmas!

Christmas in Latvia 2020