Baltic Creator’s grand opening of the Vilnius Art Gallery in Old Town. With paintings and art exhibits from international artists, Lithuanian artists, and artists from the neighboring countries. At the Vilnius Art Gallery you can purchase art from some of your favorite local Lithuanian artists. Original paintings from local artists, as well as luxury prints.

Vilnius Contemporary Art Gallery

Local Lithuanian artists and contemporary art in Vilnius with Baltic Creators. We have art openings and events in Vilnius. Our focus on exhibits and expositions that are fascinating in natural elements. This is why the celebration of Lithuanian art is valuable and truly brilliant. The hero’s journey through the snow is one theme that has been part of what we are discussing here at Baltic Creators.

Contemporary Art in Vilnius

At our art gallery in Vilnius, Baltic Creators offers high quality paintings from Contemporary Artists, and popular artists from around the world, as well as local talent. With both Lithuanian filmmakers and artists taking place in some of the most historic elements of contemporary art in the last 100 years one might ask how to find such incredible work in Vilnius. For the finished drawing that have come available in recent years from established Vilnius artists to the relations between the material and the less existant.