Explore Vilnius, with Baltic Creators and our community of artists, and innovators developing a thriving city here in Vilnius. Vilnius is a beautiful, capital city and she offers a healthy, vibrant environment to work, to live in and to play. Also, Vilnius, Lithuania is a cool, hip, city and the people here are super chill and the community is offering more and more for both visitors and expats, every day. Vilnius is a city that offers an eclectic, diverse culture of music and a place where art thrives. Explore living in Vilnius and the strong architectural heritage that has created a foundation for the city as a destination for startups and investors alike.

Vilnius Art and Music

The art scene in Vilnius is growing and has a rich history of culture and the music of Lithuania can be heard in the great halls of Vilnius. Art in Vilnius can be scene everywhere and music can be heard.

Culture in Vilnius

The history of Vilnius and the deep roots of Lithuanian culture can be scene within the design and inspiration of the architecture built throughout the city.

Culinary Creators of Vilnius

Explore the best culinary and restaurants in Vilnius here at Baltic Creators and the culinary creators expanding our taste buds here in the capital city of Lithuania.

Best Restaurants in Vilnius

Our guide to the best restaurants in Vilnius for Lithuanian cuisine and international cuisine from around the world.

Neighborhoods and Living in Vilnius

Moving to Vilnius and finding the perfect home or apartment is a key part of living in this beautiful city.

Vilnius Old Town



The republic of Užupis is a unique, self-proclaimed republic in the center of Vilnius.