Vilnius is a city that truly embraces music and the the capital city of Lithuania is a gem for finding local talent and international acts. As a music city the city offers small intimate venues, outside concerts during the summer time, and large music halls.

Lithuanians take music seriously and you can find various opportunities to listen to live music, dance, sing, and celebrate in Vilnius. Local people from Vilnius enjoy Rock n’ Roll, hard core, reggae, and hip hop. Hopefully this will help you find the perfect venue for you or the best club for your style of jam.

A Guide to Live Music in Vilnius

Lithuanian National Philharmonic 




Engage with the Vilnius music scene and the clubs, restaurants, live music halls, concert halls, music schools and the music artists coming together within Vilnius to advance the music scene. Look deep in to the music of Vilnius and where the best places are to dance and have a great time. With interviews and select coverage of the Vilnius music scene in 2019 and 2020 and combining what we see and hear and the great Lithuanian music artists doing such an incredible job supporting the Vilnius music scene and arriving at a place where we can look at the Vilnius scene and what we have with the music of Lithuania and be proud of the work we are seeing here in Vilnius.

Clubs in Vilnius

Vilnius music scene is continuing it’s growth and throughout the city, many great venues produce concerts to rock out with. In Old Town, the Vilnius music scene is thriving. If you are searching for the best spots in Vilnius to listen to local music, we have you covered.

Tamsta is a live music destination in Vilnius. What we love about Tamsta is that it is always a good time.

Kablys is another go to destination for live music in Vilnius.

Peronas Bar

Are you familiar with the International Folklore Festival? Next festival date is in 2020, in May, from May 26th – 31st.

Music Artists in Lithuania

The music scene in Vilnius Lithuania and the bands, songwriters, musicians and music artists creating a strong sense of community within the local Vilnius music scene. The music scene in Vilnius is eclectic. With venues, music halls and a select variety of great coffee shops and bars offering live music, plus a talent pool of music artists and songwriters. Expanding the Vilnius music scene.

Bands and DJ’s in Vilnius