A dream for a new Riga with the Zunda Parks competition currently taking place from Lithuanian developer DG31. Riga is a city dedicated to beautiful parks and recreational areas. This single-stage competition aims to produce something incredibly beautiful in it’s presence. The location is in between Daugavgrīvas Street and the Zunda Canal and this offers a great opportunity for architects across the globe. Imagine the possibilities. Let’s explore more of the potential with Zunda Park and the Riga Competition. According to the organizers of the competition, for the improvement of the territory it is planned to create a well-organized network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, optimal traffic flow, as well as publicly accessible relaxation areas and access to the canal bank with a waterfront suitable for recreation.

The first place winner of the competition will receive a generous €17,000 prize. The second place winner receives €12,000, a third prize of €7,000 and two additional prizes worth €3,000 will also be awarded as well. The deadline is the 12th of October, 2020 for this contest. This is a great advancement for Latvian culture and an exciting addition to Riga.

Parks in Riga Latvia

There are some incredibly beautiful parks in Riga. And the architecture of Riga is also worth mentioning. As real estate developers look towards Riga for potential opportunities in real estate investments, one might ask themselves what opportunities would be available for them as well.

The location in question is a perfectly situated urban area located in Riga. The property is highly valued and the development of the area is expected to increase the value on existing development in the area. You can enjoy the left of the Daugava River.